Prepaid $65 plan data not supported in Mexico
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I upgraded my pre-paid plan to $65 one so I can have data roaming included in Mexico. I have iphone12 pro. After arriving, I found out that I have no access to internet through data. My roaming is on and everything seems to be fine. I have strong signal, text and voice also work. 

After a lengthy wait and bunch of tricks to get their robot to get me to talk to a read person. I was told to try a bunch of different things including taking my sim card out and put it back in again. None of those helped. At the end, the agent told me that the $65 plan has been having data roaming issue for a couple of months and they don't know when it can be fixed! Why was I not informed when I signed up for this? I actually read the fine prints.  This is lying to customers! 

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Re: Prepaid $65 plan data not supported in Mexico
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Hello, Weiyu220.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience you're experiencing regarding not being able to use your Prepaid international data while in Mexico. We want to ensure that your concerns are addressed and resolved, and that compensation options are offered. Please reach us in a Private Note for assistance.