Problem with time and apps updating

My phone has been having issues with the time updating and apps refreshing.  I got up this morning at 6:30 and my phone says 3 Am.  All through the day I constantly have to turn phone off and start it back up again before the time says the correct time.

Also some of my apps that constantly change (like my fitbit that tracks steps) won't update.  Not even when I click sync now through the app. 

Anyone else having this problem.  It's a pain to constantly be turning it off and on.

Any alarm I set won't go off either cause the time freezes and it doesn't know the alarm time has come and gone.

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We are here to help  you get your time right, Rozzi73.

You metionied you have an iPhone. Have you reset the network settings to see if this corrects itself?

You also want to ensure your apps are updated. This shows the steps for the 5S


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