Promise shipment of phone
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I spoke with an agent on Sunday, 12/26, and told that if I ordered the new iphone 13 pro max in blue  I it would arrive by 12/29.  It was suppose to ship 2-day on 12/27.  I've sent chat messages and many phone calls since and no consistent feedback.  I was told today that if I cancelled my order and ordered again they would guarantee delivery tomorrow but to wait to see if it shipped tonight.  I was told it was escalated.  No word back yet and now told by another agent that none of that was true and that processing is taking longer than usual.  Which is it?  Hours on hold and time spent in chats with still no information.  I'm leaving this weekend and won't return for a couple of weeks and had expected the phone today or I would not have ordered.

Why is there no complaint line?  All numbers go back to the same no-customer service folks.

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