Promised Promotions not accurately validated on my account
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I too am having difficulty seeing the correct promotions applied to my account. I am a new customer. Just purchased two devices. After speaking with multiple people on the phone for an hour and a half each, we are still not fully to the bottom of it, and the most recent person disconnected the call. I have proof of each promotional credit offer on my "order confirmed" email receipt. I made these purchases at and I have also been assisted by somone in a corporate Verizon Store who, after reestablishing my new account after some glitches (another hour and a half deal), he assured me that customer service would be able to confirm that the promotions I were promised would be either already there, or would be manually added. I have an order number, location code, verizon messaging proof, email receipts, etc to prove these promotions. One verizon person was able to find all but one promotion, said she would call today to fix the missing promotion through the promotions dept, but didn't. I called today and a new person was able to fix the missing promotion aby adding a manual credit to my account (after a long bit), but now she can't seem to approppriately validate the other promotions on my account that the person yesterday said were there. All I am looking for is all three of my Black Friday promotions to be validated on my account. 

I know that all promotions won't affect my bill until after 1-2 billing cycles. 

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Re: Promised Promotions not accurately validated on my account
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We welcome you to the family and are disheartened to hear you have invested so much time in a resolution working with us. Has this concern been resolved?