Promotion fraud
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My husband saw a promo back in October and called to speak to a representative. The gentleman was named Kevin and spoke to my husband for 30 minutes breaking down promotions. He told us that if we traded in our old phones, two iPhone XR’s and switched to a 5G plan, that we would get $600 each for our old phones.

We do not like owing money on phones, so we asked Kevin how much we would need to pay on the spot to have the new phones paid off after the promotion was applied. He told us $823.22. We went ahead and paid this amount. We were also told that our monthly payment would remain the same once they received our old phones and got our credit. ($110.47/month was our payment)

Fast-forward: a stream of lies
1. New monthly payment is now $200
2. Also received an email stating our old phones were worth $142 and $138

In November:
1. One employee, AJ, told us he fixed the problem and listened to the recording of the call with Kevin. Him and his manager were going to ‘fix it.’ He made detailed notes on our account and told us that Kevin never entered our promos in the system. He said if we were to have any problems going forward to tell them to look at AJ’s notes. He also let us know the value of the old phones would be fixed.

1. Bill still $200
2. We have spoke to multiple employees about our account. They say they don’t know and refuse to help. They argue that our account is correct.
3. Keep being told a supervisor will call and still have not received a call. We call the next day and the new representative will not see that we needed a call back in the system. So employees LYING about getting a call back to get us off the phone.
4. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY MONETARY VALUE FOR OUR OLD PHONES!!! We only received an email that our order was processed with an amount. Never received anything in the mail or digitally for our old phones.

I have been with Verizon for 15 years. I convinced my husband that we needed to get Verizon when we got married because my family never had issues. Now it seems that Verizon makes broken promises to multiple people as we have seen other people on the community board having the same issues with promotion lies. Its pretty pathetic that a huge corporation makes lies to make money off people. It is also ridiculous that our old iphones have been essentially stolen by Verizon at this point. We have not received a dime of compensation and all your employees want to say is I don’t know.
I want either:
1. My phones back and you can shove the new ones.
2. My account fixed.

If this is not done, I am forever done with this company and will continue to blast everywhere I know that Verizon is corrupt. This is absolutely ridiculous since I could have kept my old phones and been happy. But no, empty promises were made and we made the mistake with trusting your company. 

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Re: Promotion fraud
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Sounds similar to the issue i have currently. I switched four lines from T-Mobile to save some money on phones that were all paid for and had no intention of upgrading. I was offered 4 new phones for free with the lines. That was in September and after asking why I am still paying for the phones I was told that it takes a few billing cycles to show up and would be refunded.

Today I was told no such offer ever existed and now I am paying $100 over what I was paying at T-Mobile. Absolutely disgusting. I have no interest in continuing my relationship with Verizon wireless, and based on the amount of posts regarding bogus promo offers, it appears I am not alone.