Promotional Credit Denied...Never buying from Verizon on the app for phones again.

I posted earlier in the community and received a message from an agent telling me to chat with him personally so we could resolve our issues because they wanted to make things right. I purchased my phones as a trade-in in December of 2021 and there was a promotional credit running that for each phone traded-in you could get a $700.00 credit per line. I traded in all four of our family phones on the Verizon app. Verizon has told me that I did not apply for the promotion correctly and that they would meet me halfway by giving me a $520.00 credit which is nowhere close to meeting half way. I was also told that the promotional credit of $700.00 per traded in line couldn't be found through Verizon anywhere so they could not honor it. Here is what my final message stated:

Sarah, I took the time necessary to search any existing trade-in promotions and we did not have any $700 trade-in promotion in place at the time you upgraded your 4 lines.


When you originally upgraded online any trade-in promotion would have come up to then apply any trade-in simultaneously with your upgrade order, this did not happen. I also checked all the trade-in Submission ID's you provided and none of them had any trade-in promotion attached to them. They are all for a standard market-value trade-in.


I worked with our management team on this and was able to apply a $260 manual credit to both lines ending in 8953 and 7264. This way you get the $440 credit for both lines over 30-months plus the $260 difference which makes it $700 per trade-in for these lines. Your account now has a credit balance of -$520.


For the other two lines where iPhone 7 Plus models were traded-in this only applies a $100 trade-in value per the existing trade-in promotion at the time you upgraded. We cannot correct these trade-in values as no $700 trade-in promotion existed. We did want to meet you halfway on this and is why the full $520 credit was placed on your account today. These credits are final and no other adjustments can be made going forward. Thank you for all your time and we'll be here for you should you have any other questions.



Has anyone else had this same problem? I read many posts before posting my original message and it seems like the same thing happened to many people in December of 21. I know I'm not crazy on this but the absolute poor service of Verizon has made me believe that this is my fault and I know it's not. I would not have signed up to trade in for four new phones for my family if the promotional credit was not $700.00. 

Anyone have any advice as to getting the promotional credit you deserve from Verizon?



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Re: Promotional Credit Denied...Never buying from Verizon on the app for phones again.
Customer Service Rep

Sarahsvarda, I've responded back via private message and please check your community forums inbox. The trade-in promotion was a $650 loyalty trade-in offer and has now been added to the other 2 missing lines. Thank you.


- Alan