Questions about my plan, my parents' plan, and my music
I am a little frustrated. I wish I could just email Verizon and indicate exactly what I want, without having to go in to the store, spend several hours there, and still not understand all of the lingo, extra fees, etc. What I want is a simple plan. I currently spend $140.00 a month on my plan. It is for me alone. That is absolutely ridiculous to me. One person should NOT have to spend that much for a phone. I don't understand why two or more people get better deals (when there are more people to share the bill) and those who are alone have to fork over so much more. Verizon makes a TON of money off of people, I'm sure they could stand to make things more reasonable for everyone. I make very few calls and basically use my phone for texts and maybe search the internet a bit here and there. I am willing to give up the version of my phone just to make it worth my while and lower the cost. What would I have to do to join my parents' plan? I believe they could add a line (not change my number) and it would only be an additional $10/20 a month. Finally, I have had issues getting all of my music on my iPhone. I'm not sure where the glitch is...and I truly wish that when you purchase a phone, they would either provide a pamphlet or at least go through a few of the more important features and help you set them up the way you would like...I used to think that iPhones were user friendly, but there are so many settings and it's difficult to know what they mean and what they do. More or less, I'm looking for a simple, cheaper plan and a quick, easy tutorial to help set my phone to my specific preferences. Thoughts? Great websites or infographics to check out?
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You do nt state which plan you are on. There is no plan for a single line that cost anywher close to $140. If you;re also counting a device payments an insurance those thigns aren't going to go away just because you join someone else's plan. And those things shouldn't be counted as par tof you "phone" bill. Those are OPTIONAL things that people choose to have.

The most expensive unlimitei plan for 1 person. Is above Unlimtied which is $95 plus taxes and  fees( should be $5-$10 depends on where you live )and Apple Music is included in this plan at no exxtra charge. As far as a pamphlet you can get those online. I'm pretty sure Apple's website has all the information you need about your device

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Doing a simple internet search for 'getting the most from your iphone' turns up many sites, links, youtube videos which should help figure out your phone.  There is probably an iPhone dedicated forum (like this one) for you to post direct questions/issues to iPhone users/support only.

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