Rebate BYOD is a Runaround
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I ordered my phone on Monday. They gave me the BYOD rebate and then followed up with an email with a $APRIL150 rebate. I’m not getting either one. I call....they’re busy. I do the chat and someone name “James,” says “your satisfaction is important to us but those rebates are closed.” He didn’t have anything further to offer resolving the problem. When I continued to ask for help he gave me the MAIN LINE again and disconnected the chat. When it asked me to grade the chat, I submitted it and it wouldn’t submit. I was with AT&T for 15 years. I’m irritated I listened to people regarding Verizon’s service. It may be better coverage...but the customer service is ridiculously awful. This has to be a breach of contract. I’ll probably just blast the emails on Twitter in order to try and get one of the rebates I deserve. Seriously...who doesn’t honor ONE REBATE of the two they sent? 

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Re: Rebate BYOD is a Runaround
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Escalate your issue. It’s a pain and it will frustrate you to no end but if you did everything during the promotion period like you were supposed to and you’re sure you were eligible for it then push for it. If after attempting that you still have an issue getting help try submitting a Better Business Bureau complaint if possible. (I think you can do it for this situation). After your complaint is submitted they will reach out to Verizon to give them an opportunity to respond to the complaint. Usually you will get real help then since it’s public record but if Verizon can show that you didn’t qualify for the promotion they will explain that in their response. You will need to be able to show proof if that is not the case. Documented dates that you completed the steps required to get promo for example. Hope you’re able to get it all resolved soon!