Rebate issues

Switched to Verizon to take advantage of the Summertime iPhone 11 trade in promotion. I was going to order online but had some questions so called a rep. He offered to walk me through the order and assured me that I would qualify for all of the same rebates that I saw online. Well, long story short, it appears not everything went through. First I had to contact several times to get the discounted activation fee, had to pay it and then get a bill credit. Now I'm told that my rebate submission expired and can no longer receive the $150 per line rebate I would qualify for. The rep who submitted my order had told me that I would receive email instructions to submit. Never did... I just assumed there was some minimum time limit on it and I could apply after I was active with Verizon for so long. Well, now it's too late to submit. Contacted customer service chat and they gave me a number to call for the rebate center - it just rings and rings. I'm so tired of speaking to people or waiting on hold. Who do I need to contact to get this resolved? It seems like many people have had rebate issues and Verizon likes to just wait it out until they go away.

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