Rebate not received in 5 months

I added new lines on 08-May-2020. There was a promotion of $250 e-gift rebate when you add a new line and switch to Verizon. I reach out to customer care for multiple times, and they all promise that I'll receive my e-gift in an email within 2 weeks. Every time I call *611, I have to go through the same story to explain about my rebate (Surprise that they don't go through the previous notes). No luck until today (15-Oct-2020). I am tired of calling *611 and asking for it. Customer Rep said they'll call me back for an update, but no one called me yet. Anyone can help me where should I call or reach out to resolve this issue?

Re: Rebate not received in 5 months
Customer Service Rep

Ntamang, this is never the welcome we strive to provide! I know you added a new line of service and were trying to receive your $250 BYOD eGift card, and want to help here. When taking advantage of an eGift card promotion you would need to redeem your gift card here: To confirm, did you take these steps? What emails, if any, have you received from us regarding this eGift card redemption?