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Spoke to Live Agent on April 26, 2016 (i have the log) and then again on June 25, 2017 about the same thing (have that log too).  The question has to do with the Live Agent telling me that at the end of my 2 year contract, i would be receiving a rebate of $529.99 if I didn't cancel the line access fee for my mini Ipad.  Reasoning according to Verizon was that the rebate worked that way because at the time i had 5 lines under contract.  I went to my local verizon where i purchased the ipad, they were clueless.  I am on the phone as i type this with Customer Service and while she acknowledges that she can see the most recent chat log confirming this rebate amount, she can't see anything on the account to reflect the validity of what the live agent said.  My question is this, with copies of the logs in hand and the claim that I am owed this amount, if Customer Service can't resolve, what is my next course of action?  Can I take Verizon to Small Claims or do I try to have the aribitrate or mediate the solution?  I feel that since I have it in writing that the logs can serve as the "smoking gun" in this case.

This came up as i was trying to cancel the line access fee for the ipad ($20/mo.) but they told me there would be a penalty of $160.00.  That's when the rebate claim came up.  So I have paid out an additional $300.00 in monthly line fees.  At the very least I am owed that back if I had just cancelled the line in April 2016.   Do you think they made the comments about the rebate to bait me into not cancelling the line access?

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Re: Rebates & Live Agent Comments
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Wtoystew,  we are truly concerned by this transaction. We would want to take a closer look. Please reply to the request message that was sent.


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Re: Rebates & Live Agent Comments
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Why would Verizon give you money back at the end of a contract? Is that written in the contract?

Please read the first 2 lines of the last paragraph of the Customer Agreement. This will help you understand your "smoking gun' claim:

Customer Agreement | Verizon Wireless

This agreement and the documents it incorporates form the entire agreement between us. You can't rely on any other documents, or on what's said by any Sales or Customer Service Representatives, and you have no other rights regarding Service or this agreement.