Received incorrect iPhone today
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Hello All-I was so excited to be receiving my new iPhone 13 mini, blue with 256 GB. I opened the box this evening and was so disappointed to see that I was sent the wrong iPhone. In the box was the 128 GB version. Why Why Why

I find it hard to believe that either the customer service associate who helped with my order was not paying attention and didn't hear me say that I want the 256GB, the same that I have with my current phone. Why would I downgrade?

Or maybe someone in the warehouse picked the wrong iPhone? Maybe?

The bottom line is: I now have to contact Verizon, spend more time on the phone with them to explain what they did wrong and now who knows what else they will tell me(excuses). I have had so many issues w/Verizon since I left AT&T less than a year ago and now this incorrect item received is just the chef's kiss. 😮

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