Receiving the trade in device promo credit
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I am happy to be receiving the trade in device promo credit on my account as it reflects the monthly amount of the monthly bill to let it be less than what it would be, this is a positive discussion to let you all know what a happy and satisfied customer I am, the trade in device promo credit was done on iPhone 13 regular as I traded in an iPhone 12 regular from a different carrier, I had got it unlocked before I traded it in, on my account where the bills are at, I see in the billing description the number of monthly credits are at as it shows the number of 36 monthly trade in device promo credits at, so I am a happy customer, thank you so much Verizon for that, I am so glad to not be having to complain about it at all, and if I was to trade in my current device I have which is 13 pro max as I traded in the 13 regular, I am still glad to see that trade in device promo credit on my account to help me save on those monthly bills, I see if I was to do an early upgrade once half of the amount is paid on the phone without keeping it for those 36 months that I'd lose the credit and I'd have to start all over of paying more than what I currently have to pay, cause I sure like to upgrade when it comes to an early upgrade knowing me, 

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