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I recently purchased the iPhone 12 Max Pro with an accessory bundle that included a screen protector, charging block and clear case.  Where do I even start?! I was so excited to finally upgrade my phone but I’ve only had the phone for 10 days and it has been extremely glitchy, the font size randomly increased a few times while I was using the phone, it gets hot after just a few minutes on the charger and taking a picture (which was my primary reason for getting the phone due to taking pictures on a daily for work) takes forever to focus!! 

I really wish I would have just gone with my 1st instinct and bought the iPhone 12! Since it’s still within the first 14 days, does anyone know if Verizon is willing to waive the restocking fee and what the policy is on the accessories if I just want to trade this phone in for the iPhone 12? 

$50 may not seem like a lot but I’m really not in a position right now for any added expenses. I’ve been with Verizon for nearly 17 years! I’ve never had a problem like this happen before. 

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Re: Recent iPhone Purchase
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Aerica_marie, we definitely understand the need to be able to get this all sorted out with the return and exchange. Since you are within the 4 days from the original purchase date, then there will be a one time restocking fee applied. If you wish to return the accessories and exchange them, you will want to confirm that they qualify for the same bundle promotion. So we can go over this with you, please send us a Private Note.