Refund Remains Unpaid Issue
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Hello please let me know why I still have not received my refund of $247.74 ? I received a confirmation from verizon about my refund on 12/11 in an email.  Ive called numerous times about this and have yet to receive an actual payment date.  I was told I would receive refund 72 hours at first. Then I called back on the 4th day and was told to wait another 5-7 days.  It is now 1/4/22 and still no refund to my debit card.  I paid this amount because I was told I could pick up my phone from san gabriel store next day. That was a lie when i spoke to that store they said they are a month behind. So I went to my local store and purchased another phone but cancelled this order.  I received the confirmation email once the order was cancelled.  Where is my refund!?! This is unacceptable?! How do you expect me to pay you in the next couple days when you owe me more than my bill!?! Someone needs to make this right asap.   @GD0405

Re: Refund Remains Unpaid Issue

I got the same thing, they owe me near $1,300 aND THEY had no intention of paying it. Said they were going to but didnt, I had to threaten to file a complain with teh state AG office, BBB and my bank just to get them to put in a request for a refund after they failed to deliver the item I ordered. 

Re: Refund Remains Unpaid Issue
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Hello Silviam349,


We definitely want to help make sure you receive your refund. What exactly was this $247.74 towards? Did you pay with a debit/credit card or check?