Remittance envelopes and Verizon website

I got a message in my last bill that, because I had made 3 consecutive payments electronically, Verizon would remove the remittance envelope. They then indicated how to revert that decision by going to and, upon signing in, placing my cursor over the My Verizon option at the top of the page, select My Profile from the menu, and then Payment Envelope. Well, there was NO My Verizon Option, NO My Profile from any menu, and NO Payment Envelope option! 

Then I tried to chat and the automatic assistant could not identify my problem. I tried to send an e-mail but realized that Verizon does not accept e-mails. I then called and a message came on several times to convince me to choose an automatic assistant. I did not respond and was eventually transferred to a representative, whose baby was crying in the background.  She said she would look at my last statement but could not find the message about the remittance envelopes being canceled (page 3 of my last statement). I find it appalling that a long-time client such as I has to go through this ordeal to simply keep receiving remittance envelopes.  Verizon may provide communication but if one needs to reach them from a problem, even as insignificant such as what I have just described, they show a total lack of respect for their customers. They have a lousy, mostly automated, customer service and their website is of no help at all if the options offered do not match your concern.  Bad job and bad service! 

Re: Remittance envelopes and Verizon website
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. We certainly want to ensure that you are able to get the assistance that you need. Please, keep an eye out for a Private Note response from us. We're here to help.