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I had got an iPhone 13 via mail a week or so ago right, I did not keep it as I decided to go to a corporate store and exchange it for the big 13 Pro Max on June 30th, If I wanted to, could I take the 13 Pro Max back to corporate store and return it and get a different phone, if I can do that, I will have to pay a $50 restocking fee won't I, and the 13 Pro Max is scratch free and not cracked at all, it is in a case cover and has a glass screen protector, I am still within the 30 day return policy, even though I did an exchange on June 30th, I did not have to pay a restocking fee on iPhone 13 cause it had not been opened up or tampered with at all but I sure will have to pay a restock fee on iPhone 13 Pro Max, I feel like I want a different phone and not wanting to keep that, another question, if I return it, I hope it will not stop my trade in promo credit that is gonna be on my future billing to reduce my bill amount for the next 36 months if I decide to keep the next phone that long, I see if I do an early upgrade that the promo credits will stop and I'd have to start all over with promo credits if I do an early upgrade as long as my account is in outstanding and no real past due bills, I shall be straight and be able to do that if I wish to, heck I was told by an chat representative that I could do an early upgrade in 12 months as long as my account is in good outstanding results of no past due bills at all, I shall see to that one day, before my bill come due from time to time I have Auto Pay on it, I am gonna be starting to pay some $ on it before it become due and that way I won't be late on my bills, like apply some credit to my bills each time, so let me know about the return policy as it have not been 30 days thankfully as I am still under 30 days of having that iPhone 13 pro max as of June 30th, I want a different phone operating system

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