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I purchased iphone 12 pro max on 1/5. When I was placing the order, it says that the product is in backorder that I had to wait until the 13th to get it. 
okay, no worries, placed an order anyway, and the next day, I got a notification saying that the phone was arrive on 8th. I felt a bit suspicious/ excited to get the new phone.

I received it, and was recording on my old phone when opening the box. And I noticed that the phone was opened by someone else, and re-sealed. The cover was closed on the opposite side that it didnt cover the camera part correctly. 
I was very upset getting an opened box paying over $1300. 

I called verizon soon as I noticed the problem, and the representative sent me a return label to my email.

I sent the phone the next day, (9th) and it showed on the ups website that the package has arrived to the return location on 13th. 

I’ve been waiting ever since for the refund on my credit card. How long does it exactly take for them to confirm the returned item when I literally didnt even touched the phone? 


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Re: Return process
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Last time I purchased a phone from Verizon, I wanted to pay it off about a year early. Paid for it through the app and got my confirmation I was upgrade eligible. Next bill had my payment go to the bill instead. After contacting support multiple times and 3 bills going by without a refund, I ended up doing a chargeback.

Re: Return process
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We never want any of our customers to not receive the refund they are due. We would like the opportunity to look into this. Can you please send us a Private Message?