Rude Customer Service Rep

I purchased a new iPhone 13 pro max and received it yesterday.  I started transferring the information from my iphone 8 over and ran into an issue where the new phone wouldn't activate.  I called customer service tech support and the customer service rep I spoke to was the rudest person I have EVER dealt with from any company.  He kept interrupting me when I was trying to give him information.  He couldn't resolve the issue and just transferred me to another department.  I then decided to reach out to Verizon Tech Coach via text.  He also was unable to resolve the issue.  So after spending 2 hours to try to get a new phone activated I now have to take it into the local Verizon store to see if they can replace it.  Verizon's customer service is terrible!!!  Didn't use to be that way!  Very unhappy!!!

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