Rude Customer Service
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I am not going to get into all of the things that has happened within the last few days but overall, it was a nightmare with cancelling out a pending order. What I wanted to mention on here is how upset I am over the customer service reps and how they treat people. I would get muted as I was speaking, I was being laughed at by not only the people I was on the phone with the people in the background as well. I spoke to someone named Jaze and told him I wanted to speak to a supervisor regarding the customer service and he said he was the supervisor. I asked to speak with a different supervisor since he was one of the reps muting me and laughing. He said there are no other supervisors in all of verizon. I was literally told that within the entire company, he was the only customer service supervisor I could speak to. Finally, I called this morning and spoke to Brittany and she was so incredibly nice and helped and fixed the issue within 10 mins. Went to verizon right after speaking to her and was able to make my purchase without any issue. I don't understand why most reps make this such an impossible task but my biggest issue was how I was treated, spoken to, and laughed at. I was about to switch services until I spoke with Brittany. I'm not sure why this is being tolerated by verizon and it's unfortunate since I have been with verizon for at least 15 years. I will most likely switch services if I am treated so poorly by them again.

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