Runarounds on Trade Ins and Rebates - Why Did I switch from ATT?
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I was a long time Verizon customer and about 3 years ago went to ATT. When I needed a new phone I decided to spend more money to go back to the great customer service and mobile service I remembered having at Verizon. However, it's been like nothing I've ever experienced before - it's absolutely terrible. 

Tried switching online to trade in my 2 Iphone 8's for 2 iphone 11's. I would get a $440 statement credit per phone which which would happen over 24 months. I also was purchasing an iPad with cellular, and Apple said get a $200 verizon gift card. Sounded easy enough. However, there was a problem with my cart when I was trying to purchase online and I couldn't complete the purchase. I needed to call an agent. I have had nothing but problems since. 

If I put together the amount of time I have spent with Verizon chat, in store locations and on the phone, I'm easily at 24 hours of my time with NO RESULTS.

Rebate forms aren't on the website, I have to have "manual" rebates submitted, but then I'm told that they're invalid. IPad rebate - "Not at an authorized reseller" - but it bought it from APPLE.COM! The problem is when the store submitted on my behalf, becuase no one could find the rebate online, they didn't attach a copy of the receipt. I have the receipt! There's no way I can get a copy to the receipt to Verizon... since I can only call or chat. I'm now going to have to make time to go to the store and see if that will help???

And then the phones..... I have screen shots showing the offer, but there was something going on online and I couldn't complete the purchase - and the website said "call an agent." The agent, and every agent since, has promised me they will honor these $440 trade ins, but in the meantime I'm getting stuck with bills that are way too much for me. 

i just got off a 1 hour and 4 minute call - again with NO RESOLUTION. The agent has to call me back. Last one that said they would call me back with updates never did. 

Is this what Verizon has come to? Is there a way I can "return my phones" and go back to ATT??? I hope this community can help because I literally cannot lose more hours trying to resolve this battle. 

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Re: Runarounds on Trade Ins and Rebates - Why Did I switch from ATT?
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We're truly disappointed to learn this has been your experience since coming back to the Verizon family, LadybirdGem. I can assure you this is not the experience we want for you and we definitely want to ensure you are able to receive all promotions and offers as long as requirements are met. From what you have explained thus far, you are headed in the right direction for a resolution on your rebate offers. We do at times, have to submit a rebate request on our end that you would not have access to view on our rebate site. I'm confident once there is a resolution from the rebate submission, the representative will reach out to you with the resolution and what the next steps will be. If you do not hear back, please feel free to reach back out to us here.