SIM card for iPhone 12
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I've upgraded from an iPhone 5c to a 12.  (Yeah, a big jump.  I keep phones until I absolute must switch!) 

 I have two concerns:    

1) Will the SIM card from the 5c fit/work in the 12, or should I just go ahed and get a new SIM card?  

2) Google synced all my photos from my laptop to my  5c phone.   I don't  want all of those photos on my new phone.  If I use the old SIM card, will everything transfer or can I choose which info and apps that I want transferred?

Re: SIM card for iPhone 12
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Both use a nano SIM card.


The SIM card won't sync the photos, but logging into your Google account will. The photos won't actually be saved to the phone though. 

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