SIM card not found

Suddenly this afternoon a iphone on my plan showed a “SIM card not found” error. In Settings-Cellular it is blank, it just says “Add Cellular Plan”. 
I tried to chat with an agent but they were clearly multitasking. It took 20 min to get to the point where they had the IMEI. Then after a painful hour, as they were about to put the phone on an eSIM they disconnected the chat. 
Does this happen to others? Suddenly you have no cellular plan? This is a first for me. Verizon was no help tonight.  

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Re: SIM card not found
Customer Service Rep

Good morning, Suz_M. As a consumer, I know how important it is to have a working phone and while uncommon, issues with the SIM card may happen. 


The first recommendation that tents to resolve SIM card issues like the one described in your post is to power the phone off and remove the SIM card for 3 full minutes, then insert the SIM card again and power the phone on. Please try this and keep us posted.