I recently switched from T-Mobile to Verizon and have tried multiple times to redeem my rebate. on the website, vzw.com/rebate, you get redirected to "your digital rebate center by verizon" and then enter all the information. After one failed attempt, I tried multiple times to re-upload the documents they needed but the most recent submission or any of the submissions after the first one fail to upload.

I've spoken to 3 reps over the phone and 2 through their chat line and each one is a waste of time, and they know they won't help. They start with the false intent of trying to honor your experience. Some will even offer you an incentive such as a 30-day free trial of some unnecessary service before you mention anything to diffuse the situation. Then they give you the run-around or they just wait a long time to respond. I've asked multiple times if I can just email them the documents to scan and they refuse every single time, just reading the information that it says on my submission.

I've explained the issue that the website does not work properly and it does not see the more recent submissions than the first one. And no one has acknowledged anything except one CS rep who fumbled when he said sometimes there are issues on the website. Look at how many posts are on about this issue. THE WEBSITE IS DEFUNCT.

The $500 or $1000 rebate is a false promotion used as a bait and switch, waiting for you to tire and just give up. It is unfair and uncalled for and they should do better because this is the sole reason to switch from one service to another; the ability to pay off your old phone and termination fee since you then have to make another purchase.


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