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I switched to Verizon from sprint. I was assured, by verizon, that to receive the rebate(giftcard) I would switch, upload and send the bill from sprint showing they payoff and cancellation fees I paid. I even sent the now paid off phone to verizon.  I checked all the boxes and now they are denying the gift card saying:

Date received:
Invalid reason(s):
The line associated with this rebate requires an eligible device transaction.
I have spent hours on hold with customer service, they have sent me through to other numbers (rebate number) etc. I have tried chat and I just keep getting sent to other numbers, sit on hold for hours and NO ONE can seem to get this fixed. Literally the 500.00 they owe for the egift card should have been followed through with by now. I wish I had never left sprint and am so disappointed that this is my first experience with Verizon. I am a recent single parent with 2  young kids and this has really put us in a bind. I hope someone at Verizon can fix this soon otherwise I will not be willing to give anyone a good recommendation to ever stay or switch here. I will go forward though with my letter to the BBB with documentation as well as the Texas Attorney General if this is not resolved asap. 
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