Scam Calls

I've grown rather concerned with the volume of scam calls I receive on a weekly basis, the majority originating from a "Highjacked" local number. These calls and scams have become so commonplace we as consumers have grown complacent. People fall for these scams and are defrauded out of sometimes every dollar to their name.

Where's the accountability?

For the cost of service it should weigh heavy on a morally obligated provider to protect it's users from these attacks, but it seems that simply is not the case. Instead we're offered another product to pay for? This is insane. Your network is vulnerable and so are we.

This is something we should all be angry about, and hold our providers accountable to a solution. Yes there are responsible countermeasures we all need to take for our own protection, but to those we pay handsomely for a vulnerable service, where are you?

Make this stop.


Outraged customer.

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