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Do you know of a way to get one person to take 'responsibility' for your complaint/the resolution?  I have spent at least 7 very frustrating hours trying to get what should be a simple error corrected on my account.  I have talked with the local store, three departments over the phone, the email department, the 'online chat' department.  They have all told me the problem was resolved, but then when I go to the next stage the next person says that it is not and then tells me something different.  Every time I end a conversation with one person the next person I talk to seems to have no idea what was already discussed/promised and so I have to start all over and get a totally different answer.  

Verizon made a mistake, it seems it should be a simple fix.  I've been told it's a simple fix but it is not fixed.  I continue to be charged for services and products they have not been able to deliver and I cannot get someone to take ownership of this issue, I keep getting passed around.  

I would like someone to 'manage' my complaint and take ownership for helping me reach a resolution . Do you know of a way to do this?  I have started keeping transcripts of my online conversations.  

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