Service Quality Issues on iPhone X

Ever since switching to the new Verizon play more unlimited pan (was on old plan before but switched because of an upgrade on another device), my iPhone X has had serious connectivity issues even at full bars. It constantly buffers while streaming music, Instagram and Snapchat stories don't often load, its just been a nightmare. I've worked with a tech coach and gone through all the troubleshooting and even got a new device. On the new device, I'm still having service quality issues and no one is answering the phone today at Verizon. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

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Re: Service Quality Issues on iPhone X
Customer Service Rep

Jdfatz, we're so sorry to hear about the service issues you've been experiencing lately. Keeping you connected is a must, and we'd love to help. Please tell us, what is your zip code? Does this happen both indoors and outdoors? Do you happen to know if other Verizon users are experiencing similar issues in the area?