Service/Support Levels Dec 19

My daughters' phone screen quit working about two weeks ago. Malfunction! It did not get dropped or wet!


Trying to file a claim/get support online was a joke, Assurian sent us back to Verizon who sent us back to Assurian in a loop. Went into the store and stood there while the clerk was on hold with Verizon support for an hour and 20 minutes. Spent 20 minutes getting it fixed. They are overnighting a replacement phone...

Then FEDEX claimed they could not deliver (no notes on why, no signature was required???). My home web cam shows the FEDEX van pulling in, circling around, and pulling out. The DRIVER NEVER got out of the VEHICLE! 

Thinking I'm getting smarter, went online and requested a call back from support when they have someone available. Dang if they didn't have a computer call me back and put me on hold for 17 minutes!!!  Is anyone else having these issues? 

I'm now on hold again while the service rep is contacting someone else internally... the young lady seems really on her game, but JEESH. WIth five devices always being upgraded and unlimited service for YEARS, I would think we deserve better. The automated systems that are supposed to be helpful are just as broken as the dang "state of the art" phone. 

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Re: Service/Support Levels Dec 19
Customer Service Rep

We are concerned to hear that your screen stopped working. We know the importance of getting this corrected, and we will be glad to help! To confirm, what exactly do you mean by your screen is not working? Does your device have any physical or liquid damage? DavidR_VZW