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When I moved to my current neighborhood about 4 years ago, the service on my street was a little spotty and inside the house there were dead zones, nothing Wi-Fi couldn't bandaid and having a good call spot made it possible to not drop calls. Outside of the house, the street had low service bars but for the most part, calls wouldn't be dropped, maps could load etc.

Over the past year, it's gotten awful. Can't load maps, can't take calls, can't send texts, apps don't load. Uber/Door Dash or service people with Verizon can't ever find their way in and out because their map services drops. 

This isn't the middle of nowhere. This is within a half million population city, a block off an interstate and at the intersection of 2 streets that each have 13,000 daily cars. We can't go on a walk around the 6 block radius without switching between SOS and maybe up to 2 bars but even 2 bars really means nothing. Apps don't work, can't even load weather or check our security apps.

Even trying to contact Verizon reps from the Verizon app told me to connect to the internet for better service because the app couldn't load in the service area .

All of that is really irritating and frustrating but nothing as serious as our home being burglarized recently and the dispatch couldn't get  a statement about what was happening because 2 bars wasn't enough for a minimal back in forth in an emergency situation. What is up with this absolute ridiculous coverage?

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Hello, V, thanks for reaching out regarding service in your home area. We can take a closer look at coverage to see what's going on. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.