Services and no help from customers service.

Hello my name is Carlos and I have been with Verizon for about 4 years or more and never really had any issues. Until this year 2022. I’ve been in a financial bind and it’s been a bit of an issue paying on time. Lucky we have a service called #promise to pay. I used the feature to make sure my phone services would not be interrupted. But lately for some reason the #promise to pay feature has been a lie. I used the feature yesterday 2/16/22 to make sure I would still keep my lines active while I wait to get paid. Unfortunately that was not the issue this time. If you use the feature down on the bottom of the confirmation page that the promise to pay has been successful it states that if services were interrupted you should regain service within 15 to an hour. Unfortunately that was not the case and I ended up having to pull over to a Starbucks and use the WiFi to contact people. The problem was rather bothersome as I need to stay in contact with people. Once I had time again I reached out with the chat feature on the Verizon app to contact a agent to explain to me why is feature isn’t working. 1st I’m told oh your all good and your services should turn back on and it guided me through a process of restarting my phone. Nothing worked. Then I got in contact with an agent who told me I would need to call the financial department. I explained to him how my phone doesn’t have service and proceeded to insist that my phone should work to call them or call the #611 number. As I already knew it didn’t work. After that the chat was ended by the agent. Mind you this was all in one day. Next I proceeded to call off of other peoples phone to get in touch with the #financial department. Called about 3 times each time I was hung up on without reaching out to an agent. The computer would end the call. After being very frustrated with the whole #joke I was being put through I decided to go into a main Verizon store where they can help you. Yet they told me they can’t access my account from there that I would need to call for help. Mind you I did not explode on the sales rep or employee that works there because they never did anything wrong.  Now this morning today I decided to call the #financial department to see if I could get in touch with them. FINALLY i was able to talk with someone from that department. And unfortunately it went #horribly the agent never tried helping me and demanded that I needed to pay 205 immediately to get my service back on. I tried explaining to her that I setup the promise to pay because that’s when I can pay.  She ended up hanging up on me after I explained to her why does it say that my service will be turned back on from 15 min to an hour on the confirmation page of the promise to pay. I feel very disappointed with this service from one of the #1 rated companies in the country. I’ve been with this company for years and I don’t understand where this disrespect is coming from. #customer #nohelp #help #badservice #noloyalty  #whodoesverizonhire #covid #
#pay #bill #badcusmerservice 

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Re: Services and no help from customers service.
Customer Service Rep

We are more than happy to get you information on the Promise to Pay feature as well, as payment arrangements in general. To allow us to do so, please leave us a Private Note here. We look forward to working with you soon.