Several failed attempts at getting anyone to send me the return shipping label for old phone

This should be a very simple issue to solve, but for whatever reason it has been nothing but frustration.

On October 11, I went to Best Buy to trade in my iPhone XR and upgrade to the 11 Pro. The Pro was not in stock in the store at the time, but an employee placed an order and said the new phone would ship to my home in a few days. The employee also said I would receive a return shipping label for the old phone soon but did not say how.

The new phone arrived on Oct 14 with no return label for the old one. I assumed it would show up by email in another day or so and began to get worried when it did not.

On Oct 16, I logged into My Verizon to look for an option to print a label. There wasn’t one, and of course there wouldn’t be one in my Best Buy online account, because I didn’t do any of this using my Best Buy account, it was all done by the employee in store. So I used Verizon live chat to explain the issue, and after a lot of back and forth, the support person eventually said that the label would be sent to the email address associated with the Verizon account. The chat ended because I believed the email would show up any moment, but it never did.

The next day an email from Best Buy appeared (not Verizon). Looks like it was supposed to have the label attached (subject line: “Return Device Shipping Label”), and it would have been fantastic had anything at all been attached to the email or had there been any links in the email to a label.

Hoping somehow that promised email from Verizon with the label would still appear, I waited a few more days. Then on Oct 21, my husband called Verizon, intending to stay on the phone until an email with the label actually showed up. In the course of the call, I received an email that purported to have the shipping label, but all it contained was a link to My Verizon which required entering a Submission ID in order to access the label. But this was not applicable to the situation, because the ID would only have been sent to me from Verizon if I'd placed the original phone order myself with Verizon (rather than a Best Buy employee in their store). So no email with a submission ID existed, which threw the support person for a loop because she could only guess that maybe the order number from Best Buy might work here. It did not.

The support person finally said that a hard copy of the shipping label would be mailed to me from Verizon. My mailing address was confirmed as correct, and the support person assured us that the window of time to return the phone would not start until I received the shipping label. (Strange, since both my husband and I had started receiving text alerts that Verizon had not yet received the old device...)

Since, as of today, 10 days have passed since that call, I can only assume the label is not coming. I've been considering taking the old phone to a Verizon store in the hopes that I could just turn it in there, and if that is an option I will be glad to do it. But I thought it might be worth going this route to see if someone, somewhere, can access the label and simply email it, without requiring an ID number that doesn’t exist. This post has been very detailed because it would be wonderful to bypass a repeat of anything that's already been established will not work. Thanks for reading.

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