Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Victim no help from Verizon Wireless
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I tried to escape a sexual assault and domestic violence situation more than 2 weeks ago. I had no access to my own money, bank account, food, housing, or resources. Because my bill was one month behind, Verizon Wireless would not separate my phone line without my husband's permission. I have been a Verizon Wireless Customer for more than 18 years in total. 

Even after I played the live recording for Verizon Wireless Managers where two of them confirmed he could be heard stating that he had sexually assaulted me more than 48 times, they refused to help me. I explained that I needed to keep my phone number because I was interviewing for jobs as part of my escape and it was my 1 outside line to the few people who knew about my domestic violence. 

Even after I reported the charges and my husband paid the bill, it took several store visits, many trials on Verizon's broken website and hours and hours of phone calls to make this transfer happen during which I was exposed to many more days and nights of unwavering, relentless abuse. This abuse was empowered and emboldened by Verizon's decision not to allow me my autonomy. 

Today after speaking to multiple entry level managers, some who even hung up on me, I spoke to Dio who claimed that I did not have the power to speak to another manager, have access to his employee ID, or file a complaint with Verizon. Dio was correct. It has taken me hours and I cannot file a complaint anywhere on the Verizon website. I was sexually assaulted this past weekend in the name of Verizon Wireless. I do not have money for a new phone or I would leave. When I asked Dio what he could do to help me out during this time and for being such a loyal customer he stated that he would take $50 off my first bill. I want to file a complaint. I want an apology from a Verizon Wireless Executive at the highest level, and I want to know how Verizon Wireless plans on making me whole. Please listen to the audio from my phone calls and review the notes on my account. I have them all recorded as well. I hope to hear from you sooner than later. You have my number. 

Every woman deserves a way out. Every woman deserves respect. At no time should Verizon ever say, you do not have a choice or an option. Dio is not the end all, be all, that man spoke to me like an abuser, he needs to be terminated immediately. 

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Re: Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Victim no help from Verizon Wireless
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I work in the best department to handle this issue. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. As a company, and as people, we are committed to treating others with respect and dignity. We have lifted your concerns to our leadership team to be addressed. >Fer