Shared 8GB plan

I recently received an email from Verizon saying my plan had changed  to 5G Start and it’s almost double of what I was paying! I have an 8GB shared plan with 3 lines 2 of which are iPhones and one a flip phone on a basic plan. I did not authorize the switch but can’t get through on any line to Verizon as the calls all fail. Tried 2 different 1-800 numbers and tried 611. We are retired and can’t afford the increase so not sure what to do. Bill went from $169 a month to $330. I’m so frustrated!!!

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Re: Shared 8GB plan
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Sgm56. We are very sorry to hear about the concerns regarding a plan change. We completely understand how alarming this is and we certainly want to help in every way that we can. In regards to the email you received notifying you of a plan change, can you please share any further details that the email has? -Brett