Shipping Address Change Disaster

Where to start this story...

Verizon had a really good trade in deal not long ago and I saw it as a great opportunity to trade in my old iPhone 11 for a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max at only paying $300. The item said it was back ordered until 12/17 so I entered in a shipping address which I will be at by late December because I'm at school during the semester.

Little did I know, the item shipped earlier than expected and though it was a good thing, I had to change the delivery address because no one will be at the original address to accept any parcel especially considering the delivery have to be signed. I called in, changed the shipping address, everything seems to be good to go!

Then suddenly the delivery address was changed to Fort Worth Texas the Return Center for some reason. The customer chat told me it was simply a transit hub and the item will be shipped to be in Boston because they can see the ticket I requested. 

Didn't worry until the item said it was delivered to Fort Worth and Verizon asks me to initiate my trade-in. First of all I did not even ask the delivery address to be changed to Fort Worth in the first place and Verizon never did any delivery attempts to any of the addresses I provided. I tried to call in a dozen times. LITERALLY A DOZEN TIMES. Everytime I would get a different response reassuring me everything is alright, one guy even told me UPS is going to send me a new tracking number! Which was the biggest lie I've ever been told! One rep told me he did everything only to find out that man didn't even initiate any ticket when I called in later and he was just putting me in circles reassuring me everything is alright! RIDICULOUS!

Finally got a rep that told me orders returned to the warehouse cannot be reshipped under any conditions, and I had to start the process all over again. Note this is already 2 weeks after I placed the order and all the calls I've been doing was practically USELESS until this point. Now I'm still facing the same issue, Verizon asking me to return a phone of which I'm still using. I'm paying for a phone which was never received. I cannot order a new one online even though I was told I can, at this point I feel like the people I call are simply playing  Flash games behind their desks and I'm getting a bucket over my head simply being spun around like a fool.

The Warehouse at Texas cannot be contacted since they have no number and more ridiculously, my phone is just sitting there while I'm trying my best to get it to me. 

0/10 Customer Service, 

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