Signal degradation
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We switched from Tmobile to verizon because t mobile had 0-1 bar of service and would drop calls consistently.

We paid thousands to get our phones correct, 6 teens and 1 adults. All phones were 3-5 bars.

over the last year, that has reduces to 0-1 bar on all of the phones. We are out thousands of dollars and VERY upset with verizon and non-answers.

I am certain Verizon has removed 4G service to coerce buying 5G phones. criminal.

Re: Signal degradation
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orgill14, making sure you have the services you need in your area is vital. We are here for your support. Allow us the opportunity to further investigate the details. What services are impacted (calls, text, data)? Does your service concern happen primarily indoors or outdoors? May we have your nearest intersection, City, and zip code so we can accurately pinpoint your location?  

Re: Signal degradation
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I have a 4g only phone and in my part of NY I get excellent signal so I can't say they are trying to force people into 5g phones here.  No issues when traveling outside my area either.  Do you have the same experience traveling outside your area?  A lot are complaining about signal issues lately and a lot complaining about 5g.