Signal suddenly dropped where it was previously strong

Area in Benton MS (zip 39039) on Nivens Road. (not my home address so no worries). Your map says this is a complete 4G area. I have traditionally had extremely strong signal here. I could stream video and music with no interruptions.  Suddenly, a few days ago, signal was gone. I have such poor signal now that I cannot even complete a call or text. I have completed the trouble shooting section and checked my phone and reset network settings. Still I cannot get signal in that location as of a few days ago. Would you please see if there is a problem in that service area that you may not be aware of? It would be nice to receive calls there again. Thank you!

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Re: Signal suddenly dropped where it was previously strong
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SHELLCURR, having service where you need it is always important. Though we do not have any reports in the area, we do take this seriously. It sounds like you have taken great steps to get to the bottom of this. Do you happen to know if others in the area are experiencing this? What make and model phone do you have? How far do you need to travel from this location before you see improvement?

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