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I added a line on my plan but had the phone she is going to use so only needed a sim card. Simple right oh no it has to be a said there was no apartment number but I've used the same address for 14 years I'm all but positive I have the apt # on my account. So I chat with customer support and they see the problem but want to charge me $13 and change for shipping to send another one which was free to start with why should I have to pay even more for something I'm adding to my account and using a phone we have so we didn't take the free one offered but they want to charge me for shipping well I tried to pay it so I can get her the card but now it says my ss# is invalid I know better then that I'm getting pretty upset. What should I do



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Re: Sim card shipping
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We would be more than happy to send you another SIM Card free of charge! We will be sending you a Private Note, so we can further assist you.