Sims Card Changed at Verizon Store

My son old phone was a XR and in December I purchased him a new 13 pro max. He went into the Verizon store in December to activate the new 13 pro max. The sale person who assisted him told him he only needed to change the sims card. The guy changed it in the store and told him he was good to go. Well my son dropped his 13 pro max in the lake and I filed a claim the insurance company is telling me the old phone was still showing on the account and not the 13 pro max. How do I get this updated so I'm able to file the claim for the correct phone. The rep in the store didn't do his job to make sure the account was updated. 

Re: Sims Card Changed at Verizon Store
Customer Service Rep

We will need to take a deeper look to see what options are available. Please send us a Privet Note, so we may be able to assist.