Smart Family not working with iPad
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I would like to know why several Verizon reps have told me I could block certain apps from an iPad my daughter is using for school using Smart Family , only to find that Smart Family won't work with iPads in this capacity.  Why in 2021 with ALL the issues parents are having with protecting kids from certain sites, is Verizon NOT addressing this issue?  Either make Smart Family work on ALL platforms or at the very least, train your store reps to tell us the truth and not just what we want to hear in order to buy a specific product.

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Re: Smart Family not working with iPad
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We're very sorry to hear about receiving mixed information regarding Smart Family capabilities. We never mean to provide you with inaccurate information, and for that we are sorry. Please review the iPad limitations on the main Smart Family FAQ here: This may answer many other questions for you. Let us know if we can help with any other information in the future. - Henry