So ridiculous. Phone store can't sell phones and trys to punish me.

I see the valentines promotion for add a line and add two new phones to get 700$ off so I decide to go and take advantage. Go into the store they take out the two new iphone 11 pro maxes put them on the counter and try to ring me up, they have an internal error. The associate says I should try to do it on my phone as that will work. Try that, another error. So I call sales, they have an error. So I call customer service, they can't help. I waste 1.5 hours in the store and even though the phones are sitting there and my account is ready, they can't sell me them. I leave frustrated.


I call into customer service later on, tell them the story. After an hour of waiting they say that now they can add the phones but the promotion has expired and they can't do anything. Are you kidding? I waste hours of my life trying to do the most simple thing and verizon can't even sell me two phones. Truly frustrating experience. Will be forced to move my account and buy the two new phones with another company. 

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