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I’ve been experiencing some performance issues with my IPhone 11 and not sure where to go from here. 

To start, I am in the Los Angeles surrounding area and used Verizon service for years. I have been noticing more areas of spotty/unusable service. 

The main issue now: intermittent unresponsive internet. No issues with sending messages. Mainly slow apps/web pages that won’t load (looks like it’s waiting for response) 


I talked to customer service and they said they’d put a request in with network engineers in the area. I’ve tried resetting the phone, the network settings and clearing cache. 

I tried running a speedtest and it was able to find the servers, but then when running test, it says no internet connection. I waited a few minutes and tried again and got a 78 mbps download with 2.5 on upload 23 ms and 2.3 on jitter.

I am on a Data limit 8GB plan so I don’t think I’m being throttled. 


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Re: Solutions for Mobile Internet Issues
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us. We will be more than happy to look into this for you, please meet us in a Private Note for assistance. We will stand by.