Spam Group Text from Email Address iPhone 12 Pro
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Hello, I recently switched from ATT to Verizon.   I've never had this happen previously, but the past few days I am getting a spam group text from an email address sent to about 20 recipients at [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service] , [email address removed per the Verizon Te...

This happens about once an hour.   I enable the filtering on myverizon - to block texts from email or block text from domain but when I go back to the myverizon website, the boxes are unchecked.  I try to manually enter a domain and I get an error message that I can not block the domain on my device.  

I have enabled on my device text message filtering however I am concerned I may inadvertently miss a text from somebody not in my contact list, if I dont physically check the unknown messages filter.

This is really annoying and shouldn't be happening with my new phone and new service.   Why won't the "block texts from email" or "block text from domain" stay enabled?

Separately, I also have a paid upgrade to block unwanted callers - granted I know this isn't a caller.  

Please shed some/any light on this matter.  

An unhappy new customer.  😞


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Re: Spam Group Text from Email Address iPhone 12 Pro
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I get spam from Gmail address don't see option to block other have asked don't think was ever answered by Verizon much like the robocall they do nothing

Re: Spam Group Text from Email Address iPhone 12 Pro
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We are so sad about this entire experience, we don't want you to be unhappy. When making those block selections, are you choosing Save before leaving the page? We ask because that the is the most common cause of the selection not staying enabled.