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Still No iPhone 5s ordered 9/20

ordered my phone 9/20 never got an email about a delay, called verizon and they told me there was an issue (again never informed me until i called). they assured me the issuer was fixed and money was even taken from my account 10/6 and still have not received an update. Now when i call the automated operator says my order was cancelled when talk to a representative they say my order is still being processed, Yet they still look money from my account. Now I'm talking to a chat person right now as I'm typing this that says my order was canceled on 10/22 but does not now why and i have to call. Again money still taken from my account on 10/6 and never returned even though they say it was canceled. WTF. This is unbelievable.

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Re: Still No iPhone 5s ordered 9/20
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Same thing happened to me today. The rep that I spoke with could not find anything in the system to indicate how/why the order was cancelled. I had already signed the updated contract and my credit card had more than enough money on it. The rep was polite especially given that I told her upfront that I was an irate and upset customer. Getting told that the only option was to reorder and that the phone would not be shipped until 11/18 was it.

I work anywhere from 40-70 hours a week (adjunct instructor, drive between 500-700 miles a week between 6-7 different schools). I'm teaching more than a full-time faculty member and earning less than what the bottom pay is. Not that this relates back to Verizon, but the phone really was not the phone but a representation. It was reward I was giving myself. I've been waiting since 9/20 when I placed the order. It hurts and I now won't be getting a new phone because what is the point? Most likely as the experts predicted the demand will not catch up until Christmas.

To add salt to the wound. Because my other phone is dying I missed on an interview for another school closer to home. Also I've been excited and shared with others that I would be getting a new iPhone Gold. Now I am going to be greatly embarrassed because I am not going to be able to deliver. In fact just last week one of my students asked if I had received my phone yet because she knew I was looking forward to getting it. Unfortunately we are not the only ones that have experienced this. Read the previous comments and threads.

Verizon needs to fix the communication breakdown. There is obviously either (1) someone going in and deleting orders because the demand is too high or (2) something is seriously wrong with their ordering system. Furthermore, they need to give the reps something more to help appease upset customers such as ourselves. Dangling "free overnight shipping" is not enough. We would have already received "free 2-day shipping." Furthermore if we have been willing to wait for over a month for the phone... ONE DAY will not matter!!!!

I worked several years in customer service. I understand that companies cannot keep all of the customers happy, but small promises and "small carrots" is defiantly not enough. Also while they are just doing their jobs the VZW Moderator replies of "Oh we know you are excited and looking forward to the phone. Please explain the problem and we will help out" responses are not enough. There are people from both sides, we are getting treated as if we are not people because it is the same generated reply over and over and over again. It would be better customer service to actually have one rep follow through and take care of a customer instead of a second rep to come in and reiterate what the first person has says. While they are just doing their jobs, again Verizon needs to take a bit more initiative. They appear to be working top down. They need to go back to the customer service from about 3-4 years ago when it seemed like the reps had a bit more voice and say in making their recommendations. What that will do is open up the flow of communication. Moreover, I would not be surprised if there is a high turn overrate right now for the customer service reps (my opinion, based on observations) because it seems like reps are kept accountable to meeting a "numbers" requirement with their replies instead of a "quality" requirement. The more satisfaction a person has at his or her job the more likely he or she will remain and contribute more to the company. Also the longer the person will stay. By norm or reciprocity a customer service rep will feel good about what he or she does if they have a positive impact on their customers and keep them happy. The rep will also be less likely to experience stress because of upset and irate customers because in turn the customers are kept happy.

I would say that as customers yes we have a responsibility to treat customer service representatives as people too, but it is frustrating when all they got is "free overnight shipping" and getting the same basic replies. It is hard when you are treated impersonally not to respond in kind way. I've already vented by making some strong inappropriate statements to the machine that called back to complete the survey. It is always easier to yell at a machine, but hopefully if someone actually ever listens to the message they will not take it personally.

I am only rambling now because it is good to vent and share my thoughts and perspectives.


Formerly known as would be owner of a beautiful iPhone 5s, Gold, 64 that was ordered by phone 09/20/2013 and unhappy/depressed in So Cal.