Still cant port my Verizon number and its been weeks of calls and no help.
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I have trying to port out my phone number for weeks from Verizon and I cant generte it on their website, or the app, or by texting #PORT. Nothing works. Ive called several times and they say wait either 48 or 24 hours. Ive recorded this entire process and now am going to file in small claimes court to get action. This company is the worst in their billing, their customer service tells you they are so so so sorry but then they lie to you and tell you they will handle it just to get you off the phone. I have spent countless hours on this technical issue which even a supervisor cant fix. It so horribly and frustrating to deal with these types of uncaring larger corporations where they don't even give there people the power to correct issues. No accountability at all.

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RobinHood88, we are sorry to hear about the troubles you have encountered with Porting out a phone number. All of the steps you have taken are appreciated. Let's continue to review. What happens when you turn OFF Number lock for your device? Are you then able to request the Port out PIN?


Please follow this link and reference the last section to view the steps on how to turn off Number lock.