Switched to Verizon, no incoming calls or 2FA texts
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Switched from ATT to Verizon and can’t receive incoming calls

I just switched from ATT to Verizon to get onto a family plan. Did the full transaction online, the phone (iPhone 15) showed up and I did phone transfer prompt that immediately popped up when I turned on the 15 and asked me to scan my old phone (iPhone 12). 15 lit up and worked great with Verizon so I kept going. Did a chat with ATT to stop the service that night.

Then I realized today (2 days later) that I could text and call out but no calls were coming in. Attempts go straight to my old voicemail prompt. Nor were any of the factor authentication texts I needed to get into lots of app accounts.

I’ve tried the Verizon prompts through cell setting updates, unblocking things, checking roaming, checking HD voice, prompted call forward, reset network setting, reset device settings. There’s no SIM card to cycle through - it’s eSIM so not sure if anything there will help. Nothing is still letting it happen. Any thoughts or next steps I should take for this?

TLDR: Switched to Verizon all online and outgoing calls, texts work. Incoming calls hit my old voicemail. No 2FA texts come in. All measures above (walked through with Verizon chat) haven’t helped.

Any next steps to take?