TERRIBLE customer service!
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I sincerely regret returning to Verizon Wireless from Xfinity! I have had so much trouble! And contacting Verizon for customer service is IMPOSSIBLE. How can such an enormous company NOT have a human available on weekends?!? And, I truly believe the automated systems for customer service are set up to intentionally send you in circles until you give up! 

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Re: TERRIBLE customer service!
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A few months ago I ported one of my numbers to T-Mobile. I had to call on a Saturday to verify the stoppage of my service and billing. I got a live person but his heavy Indian accent was almost impossible to understand. With the high prices that Verizon charges it’s annoying that they don’t hire people versed in the English language. I really doubt I would get hired in those foreign countries if I couldn’t speak their language very well. Globalization destroys so much that was once a good thing. 

Re: TERRIBLE customer service!
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Oh, my! This isn't the way we'd want you to feel after making the switch, Piscestg. We deeply apologize for the lengthy hold times & the trouble you've encountered getting support. We value your time & are here to help. What prompted you to reach out to customer service initially? How may we be of assistance? -Kia