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I assumed responsibility of my husbands account, due to his passing (from Covid), and my promotional credit consisting $26.66 per month, to ultimately total $800.00, certainly didn't transfer over.  The first person that I spoke with was informed that I DID NOT want to lose my credit and guess what.......... I was robbed of my credit and no one can seem to put it back on my account, but the phone charge of 39.99 certainly transferred over. 

One rep even told me that I could have kept my husbands account and just made payments for the next 2 years.  You know it's hard enough to lose a spouse or loved one and then have to see the bill come in his name every month for the next 2 years just to continue to receive my credit. Seriously? Like that wouldn't be hard to deal with!! Very insensitive and I think you guys need some training in that dept. 

So essentially I'm penalized for being a stand up person and assuming responsibility of his account. In the last 2 months and many many phone calls, no one seems to be able to do anything to resolve this!!! It's such a shame and very disheartening. The only way that you treat people well is if they are new customers because you certainly don't take care of your existing customers!!!   


Shelly Roberts
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