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Why is it whenever people call Verizon tech support... we really get sales people calling themselves as tech support.  I come from the industry and know this is a fact.  People realize after a while that ever problem seems predicatedd on selling, upgrading, or forcing a new contract somehow.  I am now dealing with billing issues related to tech support changes made without my authorization.  When I was an employee at AT&T I saw the same behavior.  My work coleague who was an executive with Verizon confirmed the same practice going on at Verizon.  A real shame.


By the way I called customer service 611... was put on hold and the recording said it would be 28 to 45 minutes.   Still on hold.  My phone shows the wiat is up to 1:54.01.  This is the 3rd time I tried to reach customer service and failed.  

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Your time is valuable to us and we would like to help as soon as possible. Please send us a Private Note, we will be happy to help with billing questions.


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I just made a similar post. It's crazy. I feel like Verizon customer support used to be pretty good, as recently as a few years ago. But suddenly their hours are shorter. Recorded messages and menus are longer and designed to trap you. One thing I've noticed is that when you call Technical Support, you get a recording that suggests that you have the option of staying on hold and speaking to a live person or clicking on a link in a text message you will shortly receive. I ignore the text, of course, but then a recorded voice reminds me to click the text message link and then says goodbye. So it's a little fraud.

Verizon certainly knows what it's doing. Its Tech Coach service used to be quite good -- people were well-trained and friendly, and they'd go the distance to try to solve your problem.

Maybe it's a labor shortage, or, more likely, concentration in the industry leads to monopolistic behavior, which is when the seller gets to start to squeeze the buyer because the buyer doesn't have any choice about where to obtain the product.