Terrible Customer Service, Invalid Information, and Terrible Theft Insurance
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I bought a new iPhone through Apple to pay for it outright. My mother, the account holder, called Verizon to verify that my theft and loss protection through Verizon would still cover the phone even though it was purchased at Apple. They told us it would be covered, as coverage with Asurion, Verizon's insurance partner follows the phone number regardless of where the phone was bought. My phone, an iPhone 13 Pro, was recently stolen and Verizon is claiming they have no record of it. I provided them with the serial number, and the IMEI number and offered to share my receipts. I even had a representative from Apple page Verizon customer service into a call to verify that this was in fact my phone, but they are refusing to acknowledge it and because of this, I cannot use my insurance with Asurion to get a replacement phone. I was told by a customer service representative that their system is supposed to update the model of the phone within one billing cycle when the SIM card is put in, but it did not and they even told me the phone I had prior to the one I bought through Apple was deactivated, yet they won't fix this. So due to errors in their system, I am not able to use the insurance that I have continued to make monthly payments on. It is infuriating that I have continued to pay insurance because of Verizon's assurance that I would still be covered. Yet, now they are denying me that insurance due to an error within their own system and despite the fact that I have given every ounce of proof that this is my phone and even had Apple customer service verify it with them. I have spent hours on the phone with them and dealt with horribly rude customer service agents accusing me of fraudulent claims, only to be told that my only option is to spend more money upgrading my phone with them and enter into another two-year contract. My family and I have been customers of Verizon for years and to be accused of fraud because of flaws within their internal systems, and after providing them with so much proof, is so offensive. We are looking into switching providers because the way they have treated us is absurd.

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Re: Terrible Customer Service, Invalid Information, and Terrible Theft Insurance
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We want you to stay and continue your services with us. Let's provide you the time and attention that you deserve by taking a second look at your options. Apologies for the questions that have been asked and answered before posting here. What was the make and model of the phone that had insurance before the purchase of the new phone? What is the make and model of the new phone?